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klompNetherlands not just windmills. Still some interesting things can be found there as well as klompen, wooden shoes worn Netherlands residents in ancient times.

Windmill has long been a hallmark of Netherlands, so known as ‘ land of Windmills ‘. First, the mill was used to raise water in through the rice fields, but gradually shifted its functions. Netherlands now also use modern windmills as electric power.

But, the Netherlands is not solely a matter of windmills. If there are other icons of country of birth football maestro Johan Cruyff, then it is a wooden klompen, shoes which are usually residents of Netherlands in the days of yore. Klompen indeed are obsolete now and its function has now been turned into souvenirs for tourists.
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aufTruffles is identical with Europe. Indeed quality famous black truffles from France, while the famous white truffle-quality comes from Italy.

A strong scent of truffles and refreshing to be his trademark, of course with a little earthy. The Truffle is a fungus is expensive in the world. The price per kilogram can reach millions of dollars.

To be able to taste the black truffles from Australia, Pacific Restaurant Lounge in & hotel The Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place, again featuring guest chef Dennis Mifsud of restaurant wine bar leading the Winos of the Margaret River in Western Australia.
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mtyThousands of wooden dolls of various sizes arranged neatly in a number of showcase covering virtually the entire room walls in the store. Decorated with bright colors, crafts became dominant among the numerous souvenirs that were displayed in the shop that stood at the corner of downtown Chelyabinsk, Russia.

The colorful wooden doll, complete with glitter and finish fernis which makes it look shiny, became a major concern of the tourists who visit there.

However, thousands of dolls that have the same characteristics. Ball black eyes and wide, decorated with red cheeks fluffy smile pinky. It faces combined with typical clothing Russia, following a bunch of flowers, or a basket of fruit and bread.

Though it’s hard to characterize this as a souvenir for cheap goods, but an ornament on sale starting at 500 rubles to 2000 or 3000 rubles, it remains the best-selling souvenirs here.
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Continuing last article about gift shops tips for tourist and souvenirs hunters, lets talk more deeply about Paddy’s Market.

Before go more further with Paddy’s, please be informed that most of the souvenirs at Paddy’s is made in China. If you want a souvenir made in Australia, Shop at The Rock Market, Paddington Market, QVB Shop or Ken Done Store. There is still one stall that sells craft items Aborigines, such as painting on fabric, bags, t-shirts, hats and other miscellaneous goods.

Every item in those kind of market is authentic, and there is a certificate of each Aboriginal artists, and they receive royalties for any work purchased.
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PostHeaderIcon Gift Shop tips in Australia

pdm“Save journey and have a great holiday.” Those sentences often spoken by friends when they know you’re about to travel far away. But in some countries friends and families often looking / expecting for gifts and souvenirs.

It cannot be denied, culture of gift giving is a serious affair. If a vacation home empty-handed, can be considered arrogant, miserly, not polite, etc. Fortunately, there are shopping venues in Sydney by a cheap and cheerful, it doesn’t cost a lot of fortune and able to make your family and friends happy with some gifts. souvenirs from Sydney, though almost certainly this stuff made in China, but what isn’t on these days.

Be sure to visit Paddy’s Market in Chinatown to shop souvenirs of Sydney for people’s home or at least to yourself. In Sydney, there are two Paddy’s Market, one in the middle of the city (Chinatown) and another one in the suburbs (Flemington). I discuss here is that in Chinatown because its more affordable for tourists who walk to Sydney.
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